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The Future is Now

Our work for the tech-ed startup "Routeen" showcases their innovative services such as automating payments, scheduling classes, and creating bespoke websites for tutors. Created from start to finish - The animation highlights the brand's unique offerings in a visually appealing and engaging manner. With storyboarding, sound design, scripting, and a final 25-second product, the Ad effectively communicates the key features and benefits of the brand to potential customers.


The dynamic and engaging animation style will capture the attention of viewers and leave a lasting impression, effectively conveying the brand's message and increasing brand recognition.

Art direction, Animation - Nina Maile Gordon

Modelling, Animation - Brendan Greenwood
Voice Talent (US) - Catherine Divaris

Rigging - Sarah Upfold

The Future is Now.

The Future is Now.

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In the pre-production stage, it's all about setting the foundation for a fantastic final product. This is where the story and concept are developed, and the script is written. We figure out who the target audience is and what message we want to get across, so that we can make sure the final product is exactly what you need. 

The design process for character design and colour palette is a critical component in creating visually appealing and engaging animations. In the case of Routeen, we extracted the blue color palette directly from the brand to ensure that the character design and animation are consistent with the overall brand identity.

For the character design, our goal was to create a young and friendly character that would appeal to the target demographic of young tutors based in the US. We achieved this by incorporating playful and energetic elements into the character design, making it relatable and appealing to the target audience.

Once the pre-production stage is done, it's time to bring the story to life! During the production stage, we create the storyboard to show what the story will look like, design and model the characters and assets, and then animate everything. Adding sound design, narration and music makes the final product even more engaging and enjoyable to watch!

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The post-production stage is all about putting the finishing touches on the animation. We do any necessary editing, color correction, and quality assurance to make sure the final product is up to snuff. This is where we make sure everything is perfect before showing it off to the world!


Behind the scenes

Working with Suspirium Studio was an absolute breeze! They were there for me every step of the way, offering their expert guidance and making sure I was in the loop on everything. When we were developing Routeen, we faced a few challenges - there wasn't much competition to compare ourselves to and it was tough to explain our product and its purpose to potential customers. But with Suspirium's help, we were able to create an ad that really captured the essence of Routeen and sparked interest from our audience.
If you're in the education sector and struggling with similar issues, I highly recommend working with Suspirium. Their ad was a game changer for us and made it so much easier to start conversations with potential customers and secure those all-important meetings.

Raunaq Bagga 
Founder of Routeen

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