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At Suspirium Studio we take the guesswork out of Animated Video Production with easy-to-understand packages, up-front pricing, hands-on project management and a satisfaction guarantee.


Our team of designers, animators, and illustrators will work hard to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience for all clients - even if you know nothing about animation!

The word Suspirium (latin) translates to a Breath of fresh air. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation, working together in sync with the client.

We adore digital ingenuity

You might be a start-up and need a smoking hot pitch for your investors. Or you may want an online video to boost both your SEO and your online sales. Or perhaps you’re part of a large company that wants a cool animated video for your internal communications.

You could even use one of our videos for a TV Commercial. Whatever your needs, we’re able to provide a solution.

We do not outsource overseas - We utilise our in-house team or our network of experienced freelancers based in Sydney, Australia. This ensures we can deliver superior quality video, responsive customer service and on time / on budget delivery.

  • What are the steps in the Animation Process?
    First, you’ll complete a brief (we’ll provide a template to get you started). This means answering a few questions about your animation production, like how many videos you need, your goals and brand guidelines. We will also provide a PDF Style Document where you will select which style closely resembles the vision you are going for. From there, one of our friendly producers will get in touch to discuss your video, get your input and confirm the project timeline. If it all sounds good, we’ll head into our favourite part of the process: production. So, what happens in production? We’ll draft a script for your video, which you’ll review Styleframes - the ‘concept art’ of your video - are developed We create storyboards that visually showcase each part of your script, scene-by-scene, so you know exactly what we have in mind We’ll cast and direct the voiceover talent you approve -- and, finally, Animation begins. We’ll bring the approved storyboard to life!
  • How does communication work?
    We’ll stay in touch throughout the animation process and show you our work as we go, ensuring we’re hitting the mark and you’re comfortable with the techniques we’re using. This your project, after all, and we won’t hit go on these key elements without your final say!
  • What are the pros of Animation over Live-action videos?
    That’s the million-dollar question - and one we have an answer for. Including animated videos on your website, social channels, or presentations is an ideal way to get your message across in a swift, super-punchy and powerful way. Its advantages include: Communicating your message in record time, before visitors are tempted to click away. Visualising the invisible. Animation is capable of diving inside technology and products to demonstrate functions in a way live action cannot. Building brand affinity by speaking to customers in an entertaining, engaging way. Demonstrating how a product or service works in a short and cost-effective package. Sharing your brand’s personality and growing your relationship with customers.
  • Does your animation package include storyboarding, scripts, and sound design?
    In short, yes! All of our animation packages include scriptwriting and storyboard development. If you’ve already produced your own script or storyboard, we can help you review your work to ensure it’s animation-ready. We will then get our talented sound designers to create narration, audio that fits your needs.
  • How long does the whole process take?
    The length of time dedicated to each phase of production (storyboarding, VO, animation, etc) varies according to your timeline, approval process and complexity of the work. Generally, 8 weeks is the standard amount of time for an animated piece.

Our Team

Our small team of Graphic artists, Directors and Producers are highly competent professionals strive for the highest quality work possible. Individually, they have created work for companies such as Channel 9, The Conversation, UTS, ABC, Flying Bark et cetera. Banding together, our team has a passion for creating ground-breaking work and experimenting with colour, form, and VFX technologies.



We stay up with trends, innovation and are constantly  growing with new technology.


We do not outsource overseas and we ensure that our work is 100% Australian Made.


We strive to achieve 110% in any project we undertake, ensuring only the highest quality of work.

Let’s Work Together

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